A birthday, housewarming or ending a weekend of friends at your home. Very cozy, but it can also cause annoying stains. Even if you have a conference center, restaurant or sports canteen, you cannot escape stains in your interior. No problem, we will find the solution together.

Our specialist means allow us to thoroughly clean your textiles, interior, mattresses, carpets, carpet and car upholstery. We do this by means of pre-treatment and deep cleaning with self-developed cleaning agents. In this way we clean deep into the fiber. Our powerful machines treat the fabrics with the cleaning agent, after which the dirt is removed from the fabric. You will also see immediate results. The machine removes all dirt and unpleasant odors from the fabric and removes 90% of the moisture from the fabric immediately. This will allow you to quickly use your furniture again.

We do this on location. You can also use our collection and delivery service.
Customer-oriented work is our top priority. We will not leave until you are satisfied.

With us you will find the best prices!