Terms and Conditions

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is located at Valck Lucassenhof 6, 3972VM Driebergen-Rijsenburg and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 80010032.


Article 1 Applicability

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements concluded by Sofa & Carpet Cleaning.


Article 2 Offer / Conclusion of Agreement

2.1. All offers from Sofa & Carpet Cleaning for furniture and/or carpet cleaning are without obligation unless they contain a term for acceptance.

2.2. Sofa & Carpet Cleaning expects the client to provide as much information as possible about details that are important for cleaning. Failure to make known matters that are important in advance may result in Sofa & Carpet Cleaning not being able to carry out the assignment. In these cases, €50 will always be charged to the client.

2.3. If an offer contains an offer without obligation, which the client wishes to accept, it cannot derive any rights from it without express written confirmation from Sofa & Carpet Cleaning.

2.4. Sofa & Carpet Cleaning undertakes to accept the offer of Sofa & Carpet Cleaning within two working days after the client has notified the client in writing or by email, to confirm the cleaning order in writing or by email.

2.5. The agreement between Sofa & Carpet Cleaning and the client is concluded after express acceptance by Sofa & Carpet Cleaning.


Article 3 Prices

3.1. Execution of the cleaning order takes place at the price agreed between Sofa & Carpet Cleaning and the client.

3.2. If more than 60 days have passed between the time of order confirmation and execution of the order, Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is entitled to adjust the agreed price. This in connection with possible increased costs of, among other things, wages and materials.


Article 4 Cancellation

4.1. Orders for cleaning may be canceled by the client up to two working days prior to the date of execution agreed with Sofa & Carpet Cleaning without giving any reason.

4.2. Cancellation must be made by letter, Whatasapp, telephone or email.

4.3. Not being present on the day and/or time of the assignment is regarded by Sofa & Carpet Cleaning as a late cancellation.

4.4. If cancellation has not taken place or has not taken place in time, the client owes Sofa & Carpet Cleaning an immediately due and payable compensation of 35% of the contract price with a minimum of € 50.


Article 5 Complaints

5.1. The client must communicate complaints about the work performed by Sofa & Carpet Cleaning to Sofa & Carpet Cleaning within five working days after execution by letter, Whatasapp, telephone or email.

5.2. If these five working days are exceeded, any claim against Sofa & Carpet Cleaning with regard to the work performed will lapse.


Article 6 Warranty

6.1. Sofa & Carpet Cleaning guarantees the proper execution of the work it has contracted, in such a way that a maximum cosmetic effect is achieved. However, a cleaning does not always restore color

6.2. However, Sofa & Carpet Cleaning does not guarantee 100% removal of stains on furniture fabric and/or carpet caused by coffee, tea, wine, faeces, urine, vomit and pets or stains caused by the application of bleach, ammonia and /or other cleaning agents and chemicals by or on behalf of the client.

6.3. The removal of odors in furniture fabric and/or rugs/carpet is not 100% guaranteed. Smoke odor, dog (animal) odor and urine odor are odors that cannot or can hardly be removed by cleaning.


Article 7 Liability

7.1. Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is only liable for damage suffered by the client, which is directly and exclusively the result of Sofa & Carpet Cleaning's fault.

7.2. Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is not liable for damage caused by:
A. Moving or replacing furniture too early or putting furniture and other items into use too early that are associated with cleaning;
B. Loss or damage to furniture during the execution of the work, which was not demonstrably the result of fault or negligence on the part of Sofa & Carpet Cleaning;
C. The bleeding of stains, originating from, among other things, writing and decorative material, which were not or only difficult to detect and the existence of which has not been pointed out in advance by the client;
D. Bleeding of colors when cleaning furniture fabric and/or carpet;
E. The discoloration of furniture fabric and/or carpet due to action from within the furniture and/or underlying material and/or the material itself.


Article 8 Transport

8.1. If items such as furniture are handed over to Sofa & Carpet Cleaning for processing, the risk during transport remains for the client.


Article 9 Payment

Private person:
9.1. Payment must be made immediately after the work has been performed by PIN or cash.


For Business:
9.2. Sofa & Carpet Cleaning uses a payment term of fourteen working days.
If the payment term is exceeded, Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is entitled to charge the client the judicial interest per month without prior demand, whereby a part of the month is regarded as a whole month.

9.3. In the event of non-payment or late payment of the amount owed by the client to Sofa & Carpet Cleaning, Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is entitled to pass on extrajudicial collection costs. These costs amount to 15% of the principal.

9.4. If Sofa & Carpet Cleaning has handed over its claim for collection, the costs will be owed according to the usual collection rate.

9.5. Complaints about the performance of the work do not suspend the client's payment obligation. However, in the event of justified complaints, the client is entitled to keep 20% of the contract price in deposit until sufficient attention has been paid to the complaint.


Article 10: Force majeure

10.1. If after the conclusion of an agreement Sofa & Carpet Cleaning is unable to fulfill it, the agreement between Sofa & Carpet Cleaning and the client will be dissolved.

10.2. Dissolution is only possible as a result of circumstances that were not known when the agreement was entered into or due to circumstances that Sofa & Carpet Cleaning could not reasonably influence.

10.2. In the event of dissolution of the agreement as a result of force majeure, the client is not entitled to compensation.


Article 11 Disputes

11.1. This agreement is governed by Dutch law.

11.2. All disputes arising from or related to offers and agreements, however made, will, if the contracting parties are unable to resolve the matter themselves, in the first instance be submitted to a mediator.

11.3. If the use of a mediator will not lead to a solution, the dispute in question will be subject to the judgment of the civil court with jurisdiction in the place of business of Sofa & Carpet Cleaning, insofar as legal provisions do not oppose this.