You have a restaurant with a nice long sofa next to the wall, different guests every night. You cannot avoid having some stains here and there, but you do not want to have the sofa reupholstered or buy a new one. These are problems that entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry encounter. However, this is easier to fix than you might think. With our methods we send your bank back in time. You have also come to the right place for preventive or periodic interior maintenance.

With us, the rates are clear. This means there are no administration, call-out or other costs. All rates include VAT. We ask for an allowance of € 15 for hair removal.




2-SEATER SOFA                      € 59,-


3-SEATER SOFA                      € 79,-


4-SEATER SOFA                      € 94,-





Do you have a larger sofa than a 4-seater? Then we charge € 9.95 per seat (60 CM is charged for a seat).